Calling all men and women: If you feel stuck with your weight loss, find yourself constantly binge eating, feeling guilty if you eat your favorite foods, gain back any weight you do lose, and simply don't feel good in your own clothes leaving you totally discouraged and feeling like a failure…

Learn the exact steps and blueprint I’ve taught hundreds of real people to not only lose all their stubborn fat and love the way they look but also fix their inner game, stop emotional eating, self sabotage, and food guilt forever…

What if I said the solution to every single weight loss struggle you go through and the reason you’ve been dieting for years with nothing to show for it has nothing to do with dieting?

…even if you feel like a lost cause.
…even if you feel like you’re too old or too far gone.
…even if you tried literally everything under the sun with nothing to show for it.
…even if all your struggles started when you were little.
…even if you find yourself waking up at 3 in the morning on the floor of your pantry.
Well hey there, welcome to my corner of the internet :)

My name is Jared Hamilton. I’m a coach, dog dad, blue belt in jiu-jitsu, and have a giant tree tattooed on my left arm.

If you aren’t very familiar with me or my work and are a little concerned with my credibility I totally get it.

To give you a little context I’m kind of a mash up: I grew up as fat kid and struggled with my own shit for most my life. I've been professionally coaching people for the last decade, helping hundreds of people all over the world and I've built, scaled, and own my global coaching business—Hamilton Trained.

(Which has a pretty dope coaching group we’ll get into here shortly).

Oh and my favorite food is donuts (Maple glazed, cream filled long John for those curious).

If that impresses you that's dope, but if not that’s fine too. My dog Remi is pretty impressed with me if I have his favorite treat so I’m solid.

But amongst all the dog dad stuff I’m a coach that helps people all over the world in all walks of life—but mostly shitty ones. 

I’m here to help fix everything you struggle with and to radically shift your entire perspective and understanding of fat loss.

Because the truth is this: I’m just like you—despite having the title of 'coach.'

Growing up I always struggled with my weight. I was always the fat kid who loved food and I’m just a normal person—not someone who likes to go to the gym and eat perfect when they’re bored.

Not only did I struggle with getting results, I struggled to keep them. Not to mention all the other gross stuff.

Binge eating, emotional eating, self sabotage, being scared of food, food obsession, no confidence, blah blah blah…sound familiar?

But because I've been through it all, I know how to fix it.

All of it.

Tell you what. Give me 60 seconds and I'll show you 
how despite living in the age of bullshit diet culture it is entirely possible to successfully lose weight and look amazing naked, all while ending the yucky stuff like binge eating and being scared that birthday cake will ruin your life. 

Cool? Cool.

Let me tell you a little story about one of my favorite Canadians, Ashley.
but specifically why everyone is constantly asking her how she changed her 
life so much in so little time.

 To give you context Ashley is more than likely just like you and struggled with the exact same pains you face every single day.

- Been on a diet for years with nothing to show for it.
- She tried every diet and ‘sOlUtIoN’ under the sun with only frustration and weight gain to follow.
- Was constantly working out for hours a day because that’s the only way to lose weight, right?
- She definitely identified as an emotional eater so whenever things like anxiety, a bad day, or any issues came up she went straight to the food for some temporary emotional relief.
- To be honest she had a hard time being consistent without falling off. She would last a few weeks only to feel like a failure after she fell off track.

It was about 8 months ago when Ashley and I would begin working together…

On this particular day I finally stopped scrolling on Instagram. I logged into my emails and see an coaching application from someone 
named Ashely from Canada.

I go through my normal application process to make sure I can help. Things look good and we start 1-on-1 private coaching and get her plugged into the Tribe within my mentorship program.

Fast forward to this week- she just posted this on her Instagram story a few days go and tagged me in it.

Think about that...
  • 250 days consistent. Before she couldn’t do that for even a few weeks
  • ​Down 20 pounds of fat with inches on inches gone, all while getting strong AF
  • ​Over 200 days of journaling completed, learning how to separate her emotions from food and gaining freedom from her thoughts
  • No longer trapped by emotional eating.
  • ​No longer feeling guilty for enjoying any of her favorite foods.
  • No longer working out every single day out of fear of gaining weight back
  • Now has an amazing balance with her mental health and physical goals
  • We fixed everything at the root cause of her struggles and now her life outside of fitness and fat loss is thriving
  • Old traumas are healing, all while her marriage, her job, her relationships, and her overall happiness are on another level
  • The best best part: She’s just like you
If she can change her life in less than a year there’s no reason you can’t.

Imagine being trapped for years or even decades but in less than 1 year you become an entirely different person.

This is what we do for people inside The Psychology of Fat Loss Mentorship.

When it comes to the thought of getting help most people have a few concerns right out the gate which are totally normal.

So let’s throw them on the table and talk about them...

…and not do what most other coaches do and hide from them and steer your attention elsewhere.

Totally normal concern #1: "Can I afford this?"

More than likely, absolutely.

I mean if you’ve literally spent your very last cent on food for the month and have no idea how you’re going to pay your light bill, maybe not.

But I made my group program so almost anyone can afford it who makes this a priority.

I can tell you this—most people are spending the same amount of money or more on bullshit that isn’t serving them or making them happier.

We’ll get into specifics around options and prices in a minute but between alcohol, Starbucks, and smashing drive throughs all the time most people can afford joining my coaching mentorship no problem.

Not to mention too much of that stuff is going to make it harder to get to your goals anyway.

Really think about it and check my math…

Let’s say everyday on the way to work you swing through Starbucks—between you’re not very caffeinated but very high calorie drink (+ your muffin) is around $8-$10.

But then let’s say every weekend or so you go out, do stuff with friends, and end up spending an extra couple hundred bucks on food, cocktails, and maybe a couple bottles of your favorite moscato.

Now let’s say you hit a drive through a couple times/week because we all get busy and Wendy’s is life. Let’s say that’s around an extra $20/week.

All in all that is going to cost you an extra $800-1000 bucks each month or more depending on where you live.
Because here in Indiana an $8 cocktail is going to be a $29 cocktail in NYC.

So when it comes to investing in yourself most people have the money. 

The hard truth is money = commitment and priorities.

When it comes time to put our money into fast tracking your weight loss goals and fixing all the issues you have with food it shows real quick who’s actually committed.

Let’s be honest we don’t take shit seriously if it’s free.

…or costs less than what we spend on food and drinks.

Totally normal concern #2: "Will this work for me and my needs though?"

Simply, without a doubt.

If you’re watching my content and you're on this page you’re exactly the kind of person I help in my mentorship program.

Just think about the story with Ashley from Canada.

I would bet you’re in a pretty similar place and you can see what we were able to do for her situation.

- She lacked any and all certainty.
- She was willing to put in the work but didn’t know what to do.
- She struggled with things like eating her feelings out, mindless eating, some binging, and feeling guilty for enjoying her favorite foods (which she was avoiding).
- Then when she did manage to lose some weight she would always gain it all back.

Does that feel familiar? 

This is exactly what happens when you join—not just helping you lose weight and giving you the body you’ve always wanted…

But doing it in a way that’s 100% sustainable so you can keep that progress for life.

Doing it in a way where we conquer the yucky inner stuff like emotional eating and messed up food relationships.

And we do this all while allowing you to be a normal person. 

You don't have to spend your whole life in the gym or be the awkward dieter at the table eating salads you didn’t want, or not eating the bun on your burger.

Totally normal concern #3: "Couldn’t I just do it on my own?"

Being totally honest, you could.

This mentorship isn't just for those who need help but those who want help.

Those who want results faster.
Those who want results with less friction and headache.
Those who want results they don't yo-yo and sabotage.
Those who want to learn and grow.

But if you're thinking about trying it on your own there's a few things you'll want to consider.

It’s going to take longer and you’re going to have a lot more trial and error.

Being totally honest you’re on this page because you’ve been doing it on your own but I would assume it’s not going so well.

Or maybe it is but you’re doing things in a way you know you can’t sustain.

Think of it this way: I live in Indiana and a lot of people living here vacation to Florida.

So I could either drive to Florida—14 hours assuming I don’t stop at hotel.

Or I fly there—2 hours easy.

In either case I would get there.

But I hate driving. 

Also driving would take me 7 times as long as flying.

It’s not enjoyable.

It would put extra wear and tear on my car.

There would be lots of pit stops, possible flat tires, traffic jams, and a lot of wishing I was on a beach already.

For me I’d rather spend the money and fly.

It's less of a headache, so much faster, and I’d be enjoying my destination with so much less friction.

These are your two metaphorical options when it comes to doing it by yourself or investing in yourself and joining the mentorship.

By yourself is the slowest, highest fail rate, most draining, and longest process.

Joining a tribe of amazing people and getting help is the fastest, easiest, least stressful, and simplest way to fast track your way there.

When most people join the mentorship they have been frustrated, yo-yoing dieting and have been suffering for years or even decades.

So you could continue going down that road of frustration—a lot of people do it.

Or you could make things so much faster and easier and join the program.

Just remember--if you change nothing, nothing will change.

If you don’t quite believe me it’s okay—see what others are saying about it…

Meet Hannah :)
Meet Maddie :)
Meet Aryeh :)
"The Tribe is one constant thing in my life, something I can count on!"

-Julia C.
"The energy in the Tribe is amazing. Even if I'm justo n the sidelines at times, I love seeing the support that everyone offers."

-Sarina C.
"Thankful for the Tribe, for LIVE calls, for the mental transition Jared has made <3"

-Hannah B.
"In addition to going to therapy Jared has completely change my life & continues to do so on a daily basis. I am forever grateful for stumbling across his IG. Yes, I've lost 10+kg with his mentorhisp but I've also found who I am & who I really want to be. And that's something priceless."

-Amalia V.
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the last six months and all that you have done for me and my mental and physical health during this mentorship. I truly have transformed how I look at weightloss and my relationship with food has improved so much. I will be forever grateful."

-Hannah M.
"I finished my therapy appointment and my therapist was super impressed with how much my anxiety/depression score has dropped the past couple months. Honestly it has a lot to do with this group."

-Emily J.

When trying to lose weight alone execution isn’t consistent, results are small to none, and the feelings of discouragement are high.

When joining the Psychology of Fat Loss Mentorship:
  • You have 100% certainty about what exactly to do, why you’re doing it, seeing the results for yourself
  • You are held completely accountable by the most amazing support group on the internet so falling off and not showing up for yourself doesn’t happen
  • You get results in a way that is completely sustainable so you never yo-yo with your weight ever again
  • ​You learn the exact strategies and tactics to fix your struggles at the source ultimately ending sabotage

You can either change your entire life or just go out and have an okay-dish dinner...

I know that sounds weird--but hear me out.

The tough reality when to comes to investing in yourself, legitimately changing your life, and stoping every single thing that causes you pain people are so hesitant to make the decision and spend the money.

But when it comes to stuff that will not change your life, help you, or change your future it’s like a ‘take my money now’ kind of thing for so many.

So when I say you can either change your entire life or go have an okay-ish dinner this is what I’m talking about.

Most people easily spend $50-$100 per week on dinner and drinks, right?

And usually it's nothing too impressive that you're excited to tell your friends about. 

Go through some drive throughs, go grab lunch with the girls, go get food with the boys, or take the whole family out and drop a coupled hundred dollars is a common weekly thing for most people (or even each month if money is tight).

But most people do this without thinking about it every single week—sometimes multiples/week.

If you do that every week that’s a solid $400-$800+ per month.

All on stuff that isn’t going to move you forward with your struggles or help you get unstuck.

That’s not to mention things like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and the dozen other things most people mindless spend their money on.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m all about that stuff.

But what you spend your money on just shows priorities and commitment.

But that stuff won’t fix your yo-yo dieting.
That stuff won’t fix binge eating.
That stuff won’t do anything to your overeating.
That stuff won’t stop the feeling of failing after gaining and losing the same 13lbs for the past 6 years.
That stuff won’t do anything for being trapped by food guilt or emotional eating.

These are things things I show you exactly how to fix in my Psychology of Fat Loss Mentorship for a fraction of that price.

It's just $197/month.

That’s it :)

Most people spend a hundred bucks for a couple hours out with some okay-ish food. But you can spend the same amount of money and learn every single thing you need to know to change your life forever.

Let me phrase it this way—would you be willing to invest $197 if I said we could stop binge eating, stop emotional eating, end yo-yo dieting, AND give you the body you’ve always wanted?

For a hundred bucks.

That insecure feeling you have when you can't fit into your clothes? Gone.
That not so great feeling you get when you look in the mirror? Gone.
The feelings of being trapped by food or terrified of gaining weight? Gone.

Because that’s what I’m offering.

To be honest with you I wanted to make my the Psychology of Fat Loss Mentorship such a no brainer that people feel dumb if they don’t hop on board because it’s that good of an opportunity.

To be totally honest there are people who won't take it seriously because it's so affordable but I want to make this more maintstream where anyone can join and get the help they need to end their struggle and suffering.
Your countdown has officially begun!

Here’s the deal—enrollment only opens up a handful of times each year to join the mentorship program so this round closes on Sunday the 20th at midnight.

So if you don't get in now you're going to have to wait for another few months to get in (which is just going to delay your results by that long too).
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Like I said in the beginning--everything holding you back from losing the weight and loving the way you look isn’t in calories and strength training.

That’s a small part of it, yes.

But we have to tie it together with inner work, your mental game, and a strong emotional foundation.

- Your food relationships.
- The emotional state in which you lose the weight.
- The actual process of how you lose the weight
- Your ability to unlearn your old conditioning that you’ve been tied to since you were little.

This is how you win.

I'll make this even more of a no-brainer for ya :)

If after 30 days you’re not feeling it, I’ll give you your money back.

So now it's no risk at all.

Here’s the truth—I believe in this program so much. I know the power of it but it only works if you do the work.

PS...If you’re on the fence about signing up just keep in mind…

[I may not know you super well or your deepest, darkest secrets but I'm going to pretend like I do]

You’ve been struggling more than likely for years (decades maybe?).

Not only being frustrated but hating the way you look and feel.

I would even wager it goes deeper than that.

Do you feel like a failure?

Do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror?

Do you put on that favorite outfit and check every angle possible and live in insecurity the rest of the night?

Or did you not even make it that far before putting the outfit back in your closet and put on that oversized outfit you still hate?

If you were nodding your head, we can help.

Not only with weight loss and getting you to a place where you love the way you look…

But loving the way you feel.

Loving wearing that outfit you used to hide in the back of the closet.

Dare I even say it—loving yourself because you did the damn thing.

This is how we can help.

Keep in mind if you don’t sign up now you have just 72 hours to decide to hop on board otherwise the opportunity will be gone.

PPS...You made it this far—I know you’re serious.

So why wait?

Think about it. The longer you wait the longer your problems and struggles get worse.

Imagine waiting and in 8 months looking back being in the exact same place you're at right now and wishing you started back then.

This happens all the time.

Imagine if 3 years ago we did this.

People tell me all the time:
“I wish I joined your program 10 years ago”
“I wish I had this content when I started losing weight”
“If I did this the right way back then it would have saved me so much struggle and defeat” 

Think about how much staying where you're at now is costing you? Money? Time? Quality of life? Experiences? 

You can change this right now.

The time has come—Sign up here and lock in your spot

And have your life changed forever.


Let’s get into some frequently asked questions if you have some 
floating around your head :)

I'd rather throw everything on the table and talk about it in full and total transparency so you know exactly what you're getting into!

“What all do I get when I join the mentorship?”

Quite a bit to be honest:
  • 8 full LIVE training call per month (2 per week). These are where you can bring anything you're struggling with or have questions about to get them solved. But these calls are also where I have my special deep content no one else sees about the deep worker.
  • Monthly workouts will emailed to you at the beginning of every month. Gym and home options are available with tutorial videos.
  • Access to the [members only] Facebook group where you'll find the rest of the Tribe. This is where you can lean in for support, accountability, motivation, encouragement, and help 24/7. We become like those we associate with so you must be sure to have an amazing Tribe.
  • My courses and all other resources you're going to need. Since there's no way I could coach everyone in the mentorship 1:1 I give you all my resources so you have a complete plan for anything and everything you need.

“What are the calls about?”

All in deep stuff. Like I mentioned above your issues are in just calories and workouts. It's the deep and yucky stuff.
The mindset and inner world.

- Fixing your relationships with food
- Stopping binge eating
- Handling your emotions outside of food
- Learning to love yourself 
- Conquering the mind 
- Stopping self sabotage

That just breaks the surface. But also any and every question you could possibly have.

“Do I need to download or buy an app?”

Nope. The group and the calls are right inside Facebook so no special app required.

“What if I can’t make it to the calls?”

No worries at all. The replays are always available.

“What if I have questions?”

The more questions the better. You can either bring your questions to the calls themselves or you can post them in the group!

“What if I need additional help?”

If anyone ever wants more additional help there's definitely options where we can do that depending on what's going on and what you need :)

“How do you do payments?”

All payments are done month to month via Stripe automatic payments.

“Is there a contract?”

Nope, none at all. You can cancel anytime.

“What if I only want to learn from the calls and not all the other stuff?”

That's no problem at all. The mentorship is set up where if you only joined for 1 aspect of it the investment would be worth it.

“Do I have to post pictures?”

Not at all. You're more than welcome to but you can post as much or as little as you'd like.

“How do I get all the resources and workouts?”

The workouts will be emailed to you every month. But incase you accidentally delete them you can find all the monthly workout editions as well as the other resources and guides in the files tab in the member only Facebook group.

“How do I figure out where my nutrition should be at?”

I have a course you get for free that shows you exactly how I set up my clients nutrition so you can do the same for yourself :)

In the Psychology of Fat Loss Mentorship you’ll be able to…

Have the fastest route to lose fat and fit into clothes you haven’t in years.

Feel strong and become confident.

Leave things like food guilt, binge eating, and emotional eating in the past where they belong.

Learn the tactics and strategies to be able to keep results without your life sucking or avoiding your favorite foods.

Have results that literally last forever so you don’t have to constantly yo-yo or perpetually be on a diet.